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I followed a 10 Days Detox Plan...and it went like this!

I have always wanted to follow a Detox plan to cleanse my body but I always found excuses to postpone the challenge. Then this COVID-10 outbreak happened and quarantine followed, so I thought it would be the perfect time to try to stay healthy...keep reading to find out about my personal experience and the answers to the questions you guys asked on my Instagram!

Before we start though, I would like to emphasise 3 things that I think are important:

- This is not a promotional video or any paid partnership, what I will share is my honest and personal experience.

- I am not a nutritionist or specialist on the subject. I would always recommend you do some research before following a detox plan.

- If you have any special medical condition, if you are pregnant or if you have or had have eating disorders it is best you check with an expert before doing a detox diet (or any special diet).

What is a Detox Plan, its benefits & side effects

Detox plans are specific diets to reset and remove toxins from the body. Your body is always detoxing naturally, but when you follow a detox diet, you’re trying to optimize the function of your body’s own detoxification systems and support your body’s health. You also reduce the amount of harmful substances coming into your body. So basically, a detox diet consists of giving your body a break so it works better and it heals itself.

Detoxing for a short amount of time may help clean your system, lead to better sleep, jumpstart your weight loss, improve your skin, clear your mind and boost your energy levels.

My Experience

There are many ways of following a detox plan, I know some include intermittent fasting, etc. The plan I followed was the one called Spring Reset by Dietox and it consisted of:

- 2 days with only liquids (cold press juices, veggie soups –incl. veggie proteins and superfoods)

- 1 day with protein shakes and some healthy snack balls in between meals

- 7 days special 1000 Kcal/day diet and complementing it with a Curcuma shot in the morning and water vials with vitamins to be drank during the day.

What I loved about this plan was that all the juices are fresh and they contain healthy supplements to make the diet more balanced. I think no matter which plan you go for, the most important is that you get all the nutrients your body needs and that you never make it last for too long or repetitive.

Another thing I liked about this plan is that all the juices are made with a wide variety of ingredients (fruit, veggies and superfoods) and they contain vegetable proteins. The taste of all the juices is so good…delicious in fact! I was always looking forward to the next one.

On the other hand, if I am honest the protein shakes of the third day weren’t my favourite; I found the taste a little too artificial, but maybe it’s because I am not used to this kind of meal replacement, whereas I drink juices regularly and my palate is probably more used to it. The snack balls to complement the shakes (made of beetroot and dates) were absolutely delicious though!


Q: Do the Juices substitute meals?

A: Yes, your meals for the 3 first days are basically liquids. For the first and second day, there is a total of 6 juices per day (4 juices & 2 cold veggie soups) and you should drink them respecting the timing suggestions (7-9h/10-12h/13-15h/16-18h/19-21h/22-24h). The third day is pretty much the same but with only 3 protein shakes and snack balls. The 7 days left

Q: Do the juices taste good? Have you been hungry during the diet?

A: The juices are delicious and they were my favourite part of the diet together with the snack balls. The veggie soups were also quite good. My least favourite were the protein shakes.

I haven’t really felt hungry as such. If anything, maybe after the liquid diet (3 first days) I started to kind of feel very peckish between the meals on the 7 days 1000Kcal diet. It was hard not to nibble between the meals, especially with no dessert!

Q: Were your energy levels OK to work out?

A: The 3 first days (liquid diet) I did not work out as I thought it would be too much for my body. I started my day with a gentle 30 min Yoga workout and I resumed my workout plan on the 4th day of the plan, when I was already eating solids. Even then, I did not focus on cardio or fat burning exercises, but mostly on working on my core and toning my muscles.

Also, I think that the Vital water supplement I was drinking every day helped a lot, as it contains additional B vitamins and natural energy boosters such as Guarana.

Q: Which plan from Dietox did you choose? How much is it? Do they have shorter plans?

A: I have been doing the “Spring Reset” plan from Dietox. At the time of writing the final price is Eur 127 including a bundle discount. However, there are other plans you can choose from and yes, you can do shorter plans. I think the most important is to do the 2-3 liquid diet and then you can continue with a healthy diet of your choice if the plan “Spring reset” doesn’t work for you.

Q: How was the challenge of not eating any solids? I really want to do it but I’m scared by body will not cope with it.

A: For me the easiest part was the first 3 days. I struggled more the following 7 days eating solids and not nibbling! I think it is very important that you choose a company that elaborates the juices with fresh quality ingredients and that the juices do not only contain veggies/fruit but also superfoods with a good quantity of nutrients/vitamins. The same if you decide to prepare your own juices.

I think that because I was drinking 6 juices a day, I had no time to be hungry or feel down, on the contrary I felt like I was nourishing my body and it made me feel good! Additionally, I would never do this liquid diet for more than 3 days, unless supervised by a nutritionist.

All this being said, the most important thing is to always listen to your body, if at some point you are not feeling well maybe this diet is not for you.

Q: Did it work for you? How do you feel after doing it? Would you recommend it?

A: It did work and I already started seeing results after the second day. The three first days my body was constantly draining and I felt less bloated, I especially noticed it in my stomach which was much flatter. After the 10 days, the combination of a healthy diet and a daily workout definitely payed off! Now it will be all about maintaining it with a healthy balanced diet, regular workouts and a little treat now and then. I would recommend doing a detox plan once or twice a year (unless you have any health conditions) but ONLY if you are going to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle afterwards. I don’t believe you will see mid-term results if you only do this plan and then go back to eating croissants or pizza every day.


I loved and enjoyed this Detox challenge and its results. I feel much healthier and fitter after completing it and I would do it all over again. In fact, I will incorporate two Detox plans a year, one in Spring and one in November.

About Dietox, my favorite part was the juices, the snack balls and the Vital water supplements. I liked both their philosophy and their products. You can see more about the plan on my Instagram, as I saved the challenge diaries in highlights: Detox.

I hope that regardless of if you follow a Detox plan or not, you got some inspiration to stay healthy and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Would love it if you leave a comment and share your experience with this or other plans! Also feel free to leave any questions!