Nohemí A. Martí

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Nohemí and I'm the creator behind Goldenlipgloss, through which I offer travel inspiration and ideas for experiences that combine adventure and style


I was born and raised in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city full of people from all different countries and walks of life. I think being brought up in this environment made me curious and keen to understand different cultures, so at the age of 18 I decided it was time to widen my world and I started traveling...which has become my passion.

Originally, I started Goldenlipgloss on Instagram to share my travel experiences with friends and family, but I quickly connected with people searching for similar travel experiences, combining adventure and style, which led to the creation of #AdventuresInStyle, how I define my photos, videos and blog posts. 

#AdventuresInStyle is for people that want to…..

  • Dive with sharks in the morning and dive into a king-size bed at night

  • Explore the jungle during the day and explore the wine menu in the evening 

  • Float on skis across fresh snow and then float in the spa jacuzzi 


So with my fast-growing following, unique name and new hashtag, I started sharing more information regarding my experiences, which I hope saves people time and helps them make the most of their valuable vacation days.

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Find the best destinations and plan perfect stylish and adventurous holidays.

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My favourite winter adventures involve lots of skiing!
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As a PADI Advanced & Nitrox certified diver I love discovering the underwater world.
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